Fall by the wayside…

Don’t get me wrong, I love autumn in an astronormous way (this is the kind of love that only a made up word can really do justice).  However, with all the lovely things that arrive in the company of fall, the smell of the leaves crackling under one’s feet, the feeling that you are strolling through a painting by Monet, a renewed crispness to the air; autumn in the Pacific Northwest has another bedfellow, copious amounts of rain.  This makes it difficult to get outside and snap pictures and makes me want to do this instead…


but the fear of my photography falling by the wayside is absolute and so when the rain relegated itself to a mere drizzle, I grabbed the Lensbaby Velvet and went outside to get what I could before the weather changed its mind.  I shot wide open to see what kind of blur I could get in the periphery of the image (this lens is still very much a new play thing to me).  The images it yields are soft and glowy making ordinary objects like a tree and bird bath look otherworldly.



I love that this lens has macro capabilities.  I will be holding it close to itty bitty things more often in the very near future.


It may be raining, but the color of the leaves just cannot be beat!



I will be using this lens more often for portraiture.  That wonderful glowyness looks fantastic when applied to skin.  The velvet is not the only lens offered by lensbaby though.  For a taste of the other lenses and what they have to offer, continue the lensbaby circle by popping on over to  Maggie’s blog.


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